Terms and Conditions

Lawful Disclaimer

This terms and conditions document holds legal value and status amongst other company documents presented before in different sections. This document holds absolute privileges, rights, and legality owned and produced by the Next Cabs Ltd.

Showcase of this document is purposely for the users, passengers, third parties, and any individual of any nature who wishes to indulge with the company business for legal means. We are a registered taxi company that is authorized to provide taxi services such as airport transfer, casual pick & drop, and private/public car hire for events.

1. The ambit of Terms & Conditions

This terms and conditions document hold a legal status that entirely consists of clauses, statements, policies, terms, and conditions that are of supreme legal nature.

This, along with other legal documents, is owned by Next Cabs Ltd. (from now on, Nextcabs, the company). Any future alteration and modification shall be carried only by the company upon legal need and necessity.

2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Up to this section, Users, passengers, and readers provide conditional acceptance and privilege to this entire legal document with approval to proceed further with requesting services or informational purposes only.

We currently have not imposed a demographic restriction for any international user to access our website as long as their intentions do not consist of harm or danger to the company and its material. Any user who wishes to deny, discard and disapprove legality of this, and other vital documents of the company shall be legally questionable with significant suspicion.

3. Definitions

Next Cabs Ltd. has utilized certain words, statements, and phrases of different natures to explain and reading ease to its users and passengers. There are terminologies, and words mentioned that should and in fact, must not be taken in any meaning other than mentioned regardless of its singular or plural form. The core reason of such definitive enlightenment of words is to create awareness amongst individuals who lack basic knowledge of it.

  • 3.1 Phrases and Words such as ‘We, our, Us, the company, Nextcabs' means to outline Next Cabs Ltd.
  • 3.2 Phrases and Words such as ‘customer, user, client, passenger, individuals, you, your, them, their' means to outline person of having the interest to use offered services of the company
  • 3.3 Phrases and Words such as ‘Services, deals, products, offers, packages, facilities, taxi services' means to outline transportation services offered by the company
  • 3.4 Phrases and Words such as ‘fares, costs, prices, low-cost, low-priced, cost-effective, inexpensive, cheap' means to outline pricings of services offered by the company
  • 3.5 Phrases and Words such as ‘cars, vehicles, fleets, taxis' means to outline taxis used to execute services offered by the company
  • 3.6 Phrases and words such as ‘Customer support, customer care, representative, drivers, employees, group or family' means to outline persons working for the company

4. Use of Terms & Conditions

  • 4.1 Next Cabs Ltd. holds absolute rights and privileges over its products, services, offers, website, domain, and content found online/offline.
  • 4.2 Entire content and material are carefully governed and supervised by GDPR, DMCA, DPA 1998, and other related UK Laws.
  • 4.3 Compliance with each clause, statement, rule, regulation, terms and conditions is mandatory for every user and passenger to use.
  • 4.4 Person of interest such as third or private parties may request affiliation if having desires to use the company for promotional and marketing purposes
  • 4.5 Passengers, users, and readers are requested to value the content and material provided by the company and use it with proper care and treatment
  • 4.6 If any individual happens to notice danger or risk to and for the company, then he/she must convey to the concerned department of the company for rectification.
  • 4.7 If any user believes to have witness harmful, illegal, or immoral content, then he/she must inform before using to the concerned department of the company before proceeding legally through court.

5. Booking Methods & Procedures

Next Cabs Ltd. has currently utilised two main booking procedures and methods to counter request of usage. Bookings and pre-bookings. Users can also request online booking that can be made via using the mobile app or online booking system on our official website.

Individuals can request pre-booking by making a reservation at least 24 hours or 10 hours before the time of ride. You can receive pricing quotes and details according to your selected booking. Bookings can also be made through the call.

Following are some points that may need attention before booking proceedings:

  • 5.1 Online bookings shall only be entertained through booking system found on our website or our official mobile app
  • 5.2 Bookings through call shall only be entertained by calling us on our official number [number]
  • 5.3 If found any typographical, contextual, and general error in bookings, reservations, and payments then user must report the concerned department immediately for rectification
  • 5.4 Next Cabs Ltd. hold absolute right and privilege to proceed cancellation, discard, disapprove, dispute any booking or reservation at any time with fair reasons
  • 5.5 Passengers must only follow proper channel for booking as mentioned above

6. Payment Methods & Service Pricing

Next Cabs Ltd. has introduced spectacular taxi services for the natives of the UK. Each service has price variations accordingly. Offered prices may influence of time and distance. Therefore, catering the following points before paying can be beneficial:

  • 6.1 Prices of services on online booking will highlight list of destination, time, date, and price each depending upon what the user selects to travel
  • 6.2 Next Cabs not propose any hidden cost and extra charges for anything
  • 6.3 Pricing of each service offered is according to VAT unless otherwise stated
  • 6.4 Change, modification, and alteration in journey shall only be entertained before vehicle dispatch
  • 6.5 There are additional charges applicable to passengers who wish to change journey routes after vehicle dispatch, however its free before that. Additional charges shall also be imposed if passenger puts the driver on hold for more than 15-minutes
  • 6.6 Every passenger is provided with absolute privileges to request for due payment once the journey is completed. You can also request for saving that amount that will be deducted from your next travel with us

7. Liability

Next Cabs liable to its actions, words, terms and conditions. We execute our every service with the primary purpose to satisfy customer at any cost. Passengers and users are also requested to show a company with great respect and gratitude by following the terms and conditions.

  • 7.1 Next Cabs Ltd. shall not be held responsible for any damaged caused to any business or loss of any nature to the passenger
  • 7.2 Next Cabs Ltd. shall not be held responsible for lost or missing luggage cases as we request passengers to look-after their belonging themselves. However, if lost in vehicle, the driver and support staff will reach the customer for its deliverance, but we twice ask the passengers to kindly count their belongings before leaving the vehicle
  • 7.3 Next Cabs Ltd. shall not be held responsible for rejecting passengers who are intoxicated or in possession of drugs, alcohol or any other intoxicant. We don't serve people who are burden on this planet

8. Cancellation/Refund/Dispute

  • 8.1 Passengers and users can proceed cancellation of bookings before vehicle dispatch
  • 8.2 Once the vehicle is dispatched, cancellation will cost according to travelled distance and time
  • 8.3 There are absolutely no charges of cancellations if made before 24-hours minimum and maximum 2 hours
  • 8.3 Next Cabs Ltd. does not provide refunds of any kind to anyone once the journey is completed. However, if we happily welcome feedback of any type

9. General Warning

Next Cabs Ltd. is a registered taxi company with licensed drivers and affiliated taxi services under the careful supervision of GDPR, DMCA, DPA 1998, and other related UK Laws. This entire legal document shall be used as a legal reference if found in the situation of conflict or legal case.